Festival Site Operations

Our team has been committed to delivering high-quality operations to several clients within Canada & the U.S for over a decade. We perform efficiently and we have fun while doing it. We have successfully integrated with many clients throughout the years, and deliver a smooth show every time.

Sunset Festival, 2019

Site Planning & Design

Tired of boring CAD drawings that are too hard to read? Our plans are a clear & concise communication tool that hold a truck-load of information & a splash of colour to boot.

We don't make our site plans exclusively for engineers, we make them for everyone. We have received several compliments over the years from our supplier network, clients, and contractors that our site plans are simply 'the best'.

Equipment Rentals

A good event kit is at the centre of any good operation - and our kit is extensive and will satisfy any small to large scale festival. Why pay a runner to hang out a Home Depot all day, when you can have them on the ground being productive with the rest of team.

Event Staffing

We have an extensive list of specialized labour to satisfy all build requirements. Our crews are well-trained on our internal Health & Safety procedures and will make your event shine bright like a diamond! We are able to bring on the following positions:

  • Site & Area Managers
  • Event Safety Officers
  • Stage Managers
  • Site Crew & General Labour
  • Production Coordinators
  • Production Assistants
  • Forklift & Boom Lift Operators
  • Drivers (Trucks, Passenger Vans)
  • Traffic Control Persons (TCP)

Vendor Management

In the past, we have managed vendor programs of 350+ including artisans, merchants, & non-profits! Our immense list of local businesses will bring in revenue to support your event & will surely bring it to the next level! We are also able to curate these vendors to suit your needs.

Third-party Relationships

We are extremely proud of our vast supplier network. We believe personal relationships are powerful, and our suppliers are an extension of our team. Even if it is late on a Friday night, these folks pick up our calls in order to benefit your event!


If for some reason we do not have what you need at our fingertips, our team is able to research & procure anything in a tight timeline. Have a crazy idea? Please ask. We love those.

Diner en Blanc, 2019

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