BOSA, The Social Concierge


Rooftop - 1500 W Georgia Street




Summer 2021


Site Management, mapping & rendering, installation

In anticipation of BOSA’s exciting new condo development, our team worked alongside several other creatives and builders to create a stunning rooftop sales center. Incorporating natural wood textures and an abundance of greenery, we crafted an indulgent rooftop oasis. 

Our team was responsible for assisting with the build, including hiring subcontractors like electricians and carpenters. In addition, we were lucky enough to be able to maintain the lushness by watering & monitoring the gardens (hanging out on a roof in the sunshine? We’re in!)

The backdrop of the Vancouver skyline made it a beautiful but technical build. We brought in engineers to ensure the structures we built were safe and supported.

A collaborative process, we were able to solidify our workflow and get the creative juices flowing.